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What does a volunteer do?

Volunteer Plover monitors are ambassadors for the birds and the beach! They are also the face of the Piping Plover Program at Sauble Beach. Our volunteers are affectionately known as Plover Lovers.

Volunteers spend time on the beach observing Plover behavior, recording observations and speaking with beachgoers to provide information on the Plovers and the recovery program.

On-beach volunteers are provided a Volunteer Handbook and receive training about Plover biology and behaviour. 

The Volunteer Plover monitor program ensures there is a source of information about the Piping Plover for residents, beachgoers, and biologists.


Volunteer Identification

A Volunteer monitor at Sauble Beach is identified by a bright orange vest with the words: “Sauble Beach Piping Plover Volunteer” on the back.

Look for individuals with a spotting scope (telescope) or binoculars as well.

Volunteers are generally found near the edge of the roped off area that protects the Piping Plovers’ nesting area. Beachgoers are encouraged to ask them about the birds - that’s what they’re there for!



Training is mandatory for all volunteers, as is adhering to the Ontario Piping Plover Volunteer Handbook which is provided to volunteers. Generally, two training sessions are offered each spring prior to the time Piping Plover nesting gets underway. If you can’t make one of these sessions, no worries; our Outreach, Education and Stewardship Coordinator will meet with you prior to your first monitoring session and provide you with on-the-beach training. The Coordinator is often present on the beach and is always available via phone to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


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