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Another Plover?

It has been a rather interesting couple of days here at Sauble Beach. Caleb and Georgia were out yesterday morning to move the perimeter fencing back to where it should be. It had been moved closer to the dunes by 10-or-so feet to prevent it from being washed out again, but given the weather looks decent (at best) the next few days we decided to move it back to its original position.

We also placed loads of fun signs for you to check out if you are on the beach!

The really interesting bit happened today though. One of our coordinators, Caleb, was surveying the beach and monitoring the birds when he noticed that Bo was in two places at once. He was both on top of the mound and down by shore. After talking with Andrea from Birds Canada, we figured out that this new bird was likely Bo's brother!! How exciting is that!? He was in Wasaga yesterday, and then made the cross county trip to come and see his brother, what a strange little bird.

That is all of the updates for today, check back in tomorrow for more!

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