COVID-19 Alert:

Depending on the circumstances we will be under this coming season related to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, Plover Lovers may have the following contract position available. Alternately, the position may be split into two or more shorter-term contracts. 


Feel free to submit your Resumes now for the position(s) and we will keep them on file until we receive direction as to the status of the Outreach, Education and Stewardship program for the 2021 breeding season.


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Outreach, Education and Stewardship Coordinator

Ontario Piping Plover Recovery Program

Starting in early May (TBC) a position will be available for an individual with experience or interest in bird ecology, and engaging the public through outreach and education efforts. It requires a daily “on-the-beach” presence for monitoring of breeding Piping Plovers.  It may include the coordination of Volunteers in stewardship actions.


Position Description:


Reporting to the Stewardship Grey Bruce Piping Plover Committee, the Outreach, Education and Stewardship Coordinator (The Coordinator) will monitor Piping Plovers on the beach, provide the beachgoing and general public with information on the Piping Plover Recovery Program, and potentially coordinate Volunteer monitors shifts.


More specifically the Coordinator will:


  • Monitor Piping Plovers on a daily basis through their breeding cycle, from their arrival, through their courtship, nesting and incubation phases and continuing after the hatch to fledging and departure from the beach. 

  • Provide beachgoers and the public with informative, engaging and educational information about the Piping Plover.  

  • Ensure that all monitoring, outreach and educational actions follow the Recovery Strategy protocols based on the direction provided in the ‘Piping Plover Volunteer Handbook’ and are in keeping with the direction provided by the Committee and Birds Canada.

  • Inspire positive plover beach experiences. Encourage beachgoers to share the shore with the plovers, and understand and appreciate their presence. Assist people in viewing the plovers.

  • Record Piping Plover behaviours and actions and outreach and education efforts daily on Plover Monitoring forms, and compile the data for the Committee season-end report and provide to Birds Canada for their program research and management purposes. 

  • Prepare and update the season’s “Birds, Bands, Nests and Chicks” chart as plover progress evolves throughout the season, and complete a final Season Overview chart.

  • Monitor all Plover Lovers social media accounts (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube) on a regular basis and post updates and information frequently throughout the season.

  • Take photographic records of the plovers, nests and events throughout the season and file in the plover Lovers photo library.

  • Possess computer, writing and public presentation skills.

  • Should the volunteer component of the program run this season, schedule Volunteers shifts on the beach, ensure that all volunteer outreach resources are maintained, stocked, organized & available in the Plover Lovers storage shed.

  • Liaise with the SGB Piping Plover Committee regularly. Liaise with Birds Canada and associated agencies (Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks, Canadian Wildlife Service) as needed.

  • Liaise with a number of individuals closely involved in the protection of the plovers and the recovery program.

  • Liaise with municipal staff (By-law Enforcement, Beach Operations) as required.

  • Prepare an end-of-season report on the 2021 Outreach Education and Stewardship Program.


Prospective candidates should submit their Resume via email to ploverlovers@gmail.com with the Subject line: 2021 Outreach, Education and Stewardship Coordinator Position.